Jan. 2020


As the representative and recognized voice of the dental benefits industry, NADP advanced your positions among key stakeholders.



Dental Informatics Manager Brian Flynn served as the voice of the dental benefits industry at the winter 2020 X12 Standing Meeting in Portland, Oregon Jan. 25-Feb. 5. Chartered by the American National Standards Institute, X12 develops and maintains electronic data interchange standards which drive business processes globally. 

NADP Members in the News

Wall Street Journal— Supporting Organization member, Pearl, was featured in a Jan. 24 article by John McCormick, “AI Helps Spot Dental Fraud.”

SNOMED International – Dr. Mark Jurkovich, HealthPartners, received SNOMED International’s Award for Excellence and Lifetime Achievement during at its 2019 Expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last October. (Read More)


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