Jan. 2020


NADP Has You Covered on Federal Issues

When it comes to the latest news about regulations and legislations about government funded programs and federal issues, NADP is your one-stop source of information and insight regarding its impact on the dental benefits industry. NADP examines the numerous, voluminous rules, regulations and laws to identify necessary questions, concerns and applicability to the dental benefits industry. Make sure your company has a subscription to the Advocacy Open Forum for frequent, timely updates.

Supreme Court Declines to Expedite Hearing on ACA

NADP quickly informed members when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to expedite a hearing on Texas v. Azar, the case repeals the Affordable Care Act (ACA), pushing any decision to well after the November election. Last fall, the US 5th Court of Appeals ruled that the individual mandate of the ACA was unconstitutional after the tax reform changes of 2017 eliminated its penalty. As a result, the 5th Circuit remanded the case to the lower courts to determine if the remaining parts of the law were severable from the individual mandate, significantly lengthening the time before a decision will be made. Democratic attorneys general appealed the 5th Circuit’s ruling, but the Supreme Court declined their appeal.

House Holds Hearing on Medical Plan Coverage for Oral Treatment of Patients with Congenital Abnormalities

NADP alerted members about the Jan. 8 U.S. House Energy and Commerce committee hearing on H.R. 1379, the “Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act.” The law would require group health and self-insured medical plans to cover oral health treatment for patients with congenital abnormalities. Testimony from Kevin Koser, an advocate on behalf of the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasia emphasized the wide-ranging health effects of congenital abnormalities, including oral health implications. The bill would not require any coverage for treatment by stand-alone dental plans, and discussion during the hearing focused solely on medical plans.

Additional Issues for 2020

The Government Funded WorkGroup deploys both reactive and proactive strategies to advocate for NADP members. Some anticipated 2020 issues include the following:

  • Medicaid Fiscal Accountability
  • Medicaid Block Grant Proposals
  • State Actions on Medicaid, including work requirements
  • State Exchange/Innovation Waivers
  • CMS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters
  • Independent Purchase of Dental Plans on Exchanges

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