On June 29, NADP submitted comments in response to a CMS Bulletin
on the development of an Out-of-Pocket (OOP) Cost Comparison Tool for
consumers, which would display estimates of total spending for premiums
and cost-sharing across health insurance plans on federal marketplaces.
At this time, the tool will not calculate or display possible costs for
dental services covered by standalone dental plans or Qualified Health
Plans (QHP) that embed dental benefits.

NADP stated in
their comments, “The Bulletin states dental plans will not be included
in the cost calculator at this time (pg. 2). NADP recommends a clear
notification posted for consumers making them aware of this omission.
While the tool will assist consumers with their medical coverage
purchasing decisions, a clear statement should include: an explanation
the tool does not include costs for possible dental services, and a
reminder the medical policy may include embedded dental coverage or the
consumer may want to consider purchasing an additional separate dental
policy. Consumers should be aware of other potential costs when weighing
their selections.”

Commission on Advocacy Policy did discuss whether advocating for the
inclusion of dental as part of the calculator, or a separate dental
tool, would be worth pursuing – but ultimately decided to wait and see
how the cost tool operates for medical policies. The insertion of dental
can be advocated at a later date.      

anticipates the tool would be available for shopping during Plan Year
2016 open enrollment for medical plans in the individual and small
business marketplaces. For more information, refer to the Bulletin or an NADP summary in Dental Interact.

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