April 2020


NADP Asks Congress to Provide Support for COBRA Premiums, Implement a Special Enrollment Period

NADP is working with Congress to ensure that future COVID-19 legislation helps consumers maintain the dental coverage they need. On April 21, NADP sent a letter to House and Senate leadership calling for Congress to ensure that any forthcoming COVID-19 legislation includes federal subsidies so that individuals who lose their job as a result of the pandemic can keep their employer-sponsored dental coverage. In addition to these COBRA subsidies, NADP also asked Congress to direct the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to implement a limited Special Enrollment Period (SEP) in the Federally Facilitated Exchanges. The SEP would allow those who do not currently have insurance to enroll in medical and dental plans.

“When we emerge from this crisis and dental offices begin to reopen, it will be critical that Americans have access to their dental benefits to cover preventive and other oral health care that has been delayed,” wrote NADP’s Executive Director, Eme Augustini.

NADP will continue to advance the message with policymakers that dental benefits play a key role in promoting oral and overall health.



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