July 2015


Member Survey Results Announced

Thank you to all the individuals who participated in the 2015 NADP Member Survey. A common theme emerged from the survey responses: Members highly value nadp’s industry knowledge and the sharing of relevant news and information. Following are highlights of the survey results:

On a pure top-of-mind basis, the membership of the NADP identifies the primary benefits of the organization to be:

  • Industry News / Information (66.8%)
  • Legislative Tracking and Updates (50.6%)
  • Advocacy (46.8%)
  • Networking / Collaboration (46.4%)
  • Research (33.6%)

Advocacy is universally seen as important to the membership across all member organizations and groups. Of 8 key NADP advocacy functions presented, all but one are seen as ‘Critical’ or ‘Absolutely Critical’ to 70% up to over 90% of the membership. The one function not so ‘critical’ is . . . ‘Operating NADPac to support Federal Candidates’.

Use of the various Research Studies of the NADP is widespread [83.5% report using the studies].

Membership feels the focus of Webinars should be . . .

  • NADP Research Insights      (67.6%)
  • Product Development (61.2%)
  • Sales / Marketing (41.3%)
  • Electronic Data Interchange (34.5%)
  • Basics of Dental Benefits (34.5%)

Converge should focus on:

  • Trends in the Dental Industry (84.2%)
  • Government Relations / ACA (71.1%)
  • Networking (57.0%)
  • Legal Issues (51.4%)           

View all the results of the entire survey via this link (login required). NADP volunteer groups will use the results as a guide as they develop their work plans.



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