On June 15, the Massachusetts Court of Justice upheld the Attorney General’s certification of ballot initiative 21-13, “Initiative Petition for a Law to Implement Medical Loss Ratios for Dental Benefit Plans,” which would establish an 83% loss ratio requirement for dental plans in Massachusetts. The state Legislature will now confirm the ballot initiative and present it to the state’s voters during the Nov. general election.

The court considered whether the requirements of the ballot initiative’s sections on entity-wide financial reporting and the loss ratio were related or constituted two separate policy issues, finding:

“… the financial disclosures required by § 3 relate not to a separate, general goal of transparency but to the common purpose of enabling the commissioner to implement and monitor compliance with the new MLR scheme established by § 2”

The full text of the decision is linked below—email Director of Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs Owen Urech with any thoughts or questions.

 Clark v. Attorney General Decision Full Text

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