In 2021, dental coverage declined among U.S. consumers 18 years of age and older, according to the recently published NADP 2021 Consumer Dental Health and Benefit Tracking Study. The study found 61% of U.S. consumers ages 18 and over carried a dental benefits plan in 2021, down from a high of 67% coverage in 2018.

The study covers multiple topics including:

  • Oral Health and Dental Visitation
  • Employer and non-Medicare Individuals Dental Benefits Consumer Behaviors
  • Medicare Dental Benefits Consumer Behaviors
  • Healthcare Exchanges Dental Benefits Consumer Behaviors
  • Oral Health Education and Information

The consumer sample includes data findings based on region, gender and age, household composition, diversity, employment, household incomes, education level, marital status, dental benefits, coordination of care with insurance plans and dental plan considerations.

The study is available to all NADP members at a discounted price.  Members have the option of purchasing the report only, the full data set, a cross tabulation packet, or a package containing all three.  Non-members may purchase the report only.


For questions, please contact Jerry Berggren.

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