Receive an in-depth behavioral study about employers’ current attitudes and behaviors for a fraction of the cost you’d spend with an outside research firm when you sponsor the NADP Employer Tracking Survey. Only Sponsors receive the data file and have advance access to the final report, which will be embargoed for six months before being made available for sale to the general membership. 

About the NADP Employer Tracking Survey

NADP last facilitated a survey of employers’ attitudes and behaviors toward dental benefits in 2020. The Employer Tracking Survey is 100% supported by sponsors of the research and results will only be available to sponsoring companies.

The objectives of this study are as follows:

  • Identify common attitudes, expectations and perceptions associated with the purchase of dental coverage, especially considering the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Track changes in those attitudes, expectations, and perceptions, building on past efforts back to 2013.
  • Identify opportunities for dental plans to provide educational and other services to employers to aid in their purchase process.
  • The sponsor companies may develop additional objectives.


To track changes in attitudes, expectations, and perceptions associated with purchasing dental coverage and attitudes toward dental health, this effort will be set up to build upon a web-based tracking study initiated in 2013. NADP will survey 800 or more individuals responsible for determining employee benefits for their firm. The sample will be sufficiently diverse to compare responses.

  • By employer size (6 to 50 employees, 51 to 100 employees, 101 to 499 employees and 500+ employees).
  • By region (Northeast, South, Midwest, West). Sample sizes may be sufficient to compare a few larger states such as California, Texas, and New York.

Our goal is to field this survey in September 2022.

Program Design

Participating sponsors will wholly fund this research. Each sponsor will contribute a share of the cost of the study based on the following guidelines.

  • NADP members: $9,000
  • Non-members: $10,800


Each sponsor will receive the following upon completion of the project:

  • a data file of the aggregate data for the current wave.
  • a Final Report in PowerPoint format
  • the final version of the survey instrument.

The final report will not be made available for purchase to NADP members, other stakeholders, or the general public for at least 6 months and at the cost of at least $10,800.

 NADP will have the same rights to the data and report as any other sponsor.


Dental plans funding this study will receive the following benefits:

  • Editorial participation in the final content of the survey and reports.
  • Access to all data files.
  • Access to a final report that will not be available to NADP members or the general public for at least 6 months.

  Proposed Timeline

  • July/August 2022: Solicit sponsors.
  • September 2022: Field survey.
  • October 2022: Release results to study sponsors.

Since study sponsors have editorial rights to the content and timing of the study. Objectives and Timeline are subject to change at their discretion.

For more information about this research project and how to participate, please contact Director of Research and Information Jerry Berggren (972.458.6998 x113).

View full prospectus here.

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