Several bills seeking to establish requirements that dental plans publicly report loss ratios have been introduced, or are pending introduction, this legislative session. NADP is currently opposing efforts in Montana (HB 321) and Massachusetts (HD 640) and anticipates introduction of a similar measure in Nevada. These bills represent a concerted effort on behalf of the American Dental Association to advance medical loss ratio (MLR) reporting requirements this year. A similar provision initially appeared in North Dakota HB 1154 on the bill’s first introduction but was later removed after NADP approached the bill’s sponsor with concerns.

NADP has long cautioned legislators about the administrative and technical barriers related to reporting of dental loss ratios and will continue to educate state legislators on better ways to ensure that consumers and employers have useful information about their dental plans and the fees that providers charge for their services.

For more information, contact Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs, Teresa Cagnolatti

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