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By Mike Adelberg, NADP Executive Director

Welcome to the first monthly blog from the keyboard of Mike Adelberg. This is a new NADP communication in every way. It is the first blog authored by NADP; it will be posted and archived on here and it is the first external communication from me as NADP’s Executive Director.

The intent of this blog is twofold. The blog will: 1.) Provide a forum for communicating exciting developments at NADP to our members and external stakeholders; 2.) Provide a forum for highlighting new ideas and successful practices in our industry. The blog will foster meaningful dialog and further stimulate improvements in the dental benefits industry.

Exciting Developments at NADP

The NADP staff is small but mighty. I’m pleased to call out two especially significant recent achievements. First, we completed a year-long process to redesign and roll out a new association website ( ). When visiting the new, you can expect to see improved information architecture, content structure, navigation, enhanced functionality, and a complete visual design overhaul for a modern look and feel to meet the needs of the growing association. I thank the many people who contributed to this vastly improved website and particularly thank Lauren Oakley for leading the project.

I’m also pleased to call attention to the publication of NADP’s annual Enrollment report. The report, pulling data from 91 companies and the Delta Dental Plan Association, documents that nearly 280 million Americans had dental coverage in 2021. While this is an impressive figure, it is also a sobering reminder that roughly 15% of Americans lack dental coverage. My thanks to Jerry Berggren and the Research Commission for their great work.

And more good stuff is coming soon. At the end of January, NADP will convene its annual Leadership Meeting, bringing together roughly 100 of our plan members for two days of collaboration and strategic planning. Beyond that, look for NADP, in the coming months, to innovate our education programs, better support our members’ state-facing advocacy needs, and update our membership categories and processes.

So Far, So Good

When I joined NADP in November I noted to the Board that this is a strong organization successfully performing its core work. Therefore, my role would be to (1.) “do no harm” in the many areas where our operations and processes are fully meeting member needs, and (2.) “gradually vet and implement new ideas” for enhancing the services that NADP provides. This is my mandate as Executive Director.

Together, with great counsel from the Board and many others, I think we’re off to a great start on this mandate. I offer sincere thanks to the dozens of NADP members I’ve already met, and I greatly look forward to meeting many more members of the NADP community in the coming months. Until we meet, I’m never more than an email away ( Drop me a line and let me know how we’re doing.

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