June 2016



As we complete the first half of the year, I think it’s a great time to evaluate our progress as an organization and the value of membership. One quick way to realize the impact of NADP membership is to read the recently published 2015 Annual Report, which showcases just how NADP connects members not only to each other but to lawmakers and industry stakeholders. It also highlights the many association resources, tools and programs designed to help our members succeed.

Last week NADP mailed a printed copy of the 2015 Annual Report to the primary contacts for each member company. The Annual Report demonstrates the progress regarding our six-year strategic plan designed to advance our industry and help our members achieve continued success. Likewise, NADP continues to make tremendous progress in 2016 regarding these Strategic Plan High Level Initiatives:

  • HLI #1: Address emerging political shifts by improving NADP’s positioning with political and policy leaders to influence positive dental benefit policy outcomes at the federal and state level.
  • HLI #2: Execute a strategy that integrates data, analytics and business intelligence to enhance capabilities and deliver new value to the dental industry in the area of providers, the delivery of overall health/oral health care and associated outcomes.
  • HLI#3: Increase collaboration and partnerships with other dental industry stakeholder organizations.
  • HLI#4: Expand NADP’s scope and influence to enhance the association’s role in representing members and an expanded range of stakeholders across the dental industry.
  • HLI#5: Pursue opportunities that focus on the consumer as both the purchaser of dental benefits and the end user of dental services.

While there are numerous examples of how NADP is advancing the above initiatives, I want to share a few brief highlights:

  • Advocacy in Action, our first Congressional fly-in, was a powerful, positive step forward in improving NADP’s positioning with political and policy leaders (HLI #1) and it also expanded our scope of influence (HLI #4).
  • Formation of the Big Data Task Force, which includes a broad cross section of industry expertise, is an important step in development of HLI #2.
  • Relationships with key regulators, such as Dr. Lynn Mouden at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, have resulted in improved communications and dialogue when it comes to dental issues. Meanwhile our ongoing collaboration with the American Dental Association resulted in the earliest delivery ever of the CDT Codes to our licensed members. (HLI #3)
  • Meanwhile the Communications WorkGroup continues its outreach to consumers by adding 30-35 new Twitter followers each month. This group also provides content for brokers. In addition, the Research Commission is developing a second Consumer Survey for 2016. These efforts support HLI#5.

The above highlights are a small sample of the many achievements NADP has made on behalf of our members and the industry. These advancements come at a very significant time for our industry. The last few years have been extremely challenging. New state and federal regulations have increased rapidly. In addition, technology advancements pose new challenges. Plus, mergers and acquisitions are ever increasing.

It’s during times like these when our businesses are forced to dig deeper to identify and adopt strategies to improve efficiencies and remain competitive. At times like these our members look to NADP for help – direction, guidance, intelligence, information and resources to deal with these added pressures and demands. By virtue of our predominant market share and diversity of our membership, NADP empowers our industry as one, strong, collective, authoritative voice on the many issues we face. NADP also offers numerous avenues where our members can connect as they work towards common industry goals.

Truly the value of NADP is the collective voice, strength, collaboration, and knowledge of members like you, working together, for the advancement of the dental benefits industry. Thank you for being members of NADP!

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