July 2016


By Theresa McConeghey, Principal

This month I’m joining my fellow NADP Members in celebrating the successful culmination of many years of hard work on behalf of our industry. Recently NADP scored a major advocacy win on one of our top two priorities and made significant progress on the other. Our top two advocacy priorities have been 1) a change in subsidy calculations in public exchanges to include pediatric dental and 2) equitable markets on and off the exchange.

This month NADP achieved a victory when the U.S. Treasury published the draft rule to include pediatric dental benefits purchased in the Marketplaces in the calculations of advance premium tax credits (APTC). In addition to achieving this top advocacy goal, this victory is also in keeping with NADP’s mission to advance the industry and improve consumer access to affordable, quality dental care.

Rather than outline the technical aspects of the rule, I want to share how NADP’s leadership brought about this important win. First, this victory would not have been possible if it were not for NADP’s continued representation and knowledge of our industry. Government officials and industry stakeholders alike have long recognized and respected NADP as the authoritative voice of the dental benefits industry.

Because of our respected reputation, NADP successfully led a coalition of organizations representing dentists, consumers and carriers in the campaign regarding advanced premium tax credits for pediatric dental benefits purchased in the Marketplaces. In 2013, NADP initiated contact with the American Dental Association, Children’s Dental Health Project, Delta Dental Plans Association and later the American Association of Pediatric Dentists to work collaboratively on the APTC issue. NADP also conducted and provided research to highlight the impact of missing subsidies for pediatric dental. This powerful, insightful research highlighted the magnitude of the issue and gained the attention of the Treasury Department.

Since 2013 NADP continued outreach on this issue via additional comment letters, contacting elected officials and updated research. NADP also targeted this issue as a top priority for our inaugural Congressional fly-in, Advocacy in Action where several volunteers shared important information with elected officials about the APTC issue. In the end, NADP’s leadership and commitment to our goal resulted in our big win for the industry. While the rule has to be finally adopted, it appears to be on track to completion before the election.

During Advocacy in Action (AIA), NADP also directly influenced the introduction of the Senate bill, Aligning Children’s Dental Coverage Act, (SB 3422), a companion to the House Bill 3463. Sens. Pat Roberts (R-KS) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) introduced the bill. While at AIA, NADP staff and lobbyists met face-to-face with bill co-sponsor Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO) and his chief of staff. Our Executive Director Evelyn F. Ireland explained the issue of equitable treatment and spurred his interest in possible leadership. A few weeks later our lobbyist secured co-sponsorship from him.

By obtaining bi-partisan sponsorship for this critical legislation, NADP and our partners (AHIP and DDPA) have established key contacts in both parties as we continue the push for passage of this bill. Once again, NADP’s industry leadership, connections and knowledge have been the catalyst advancing our issue. Rest assured your association will continue to campaign for passage of this bill as it is a win-win solution with no-cost implications, no opposition and does not impact other Affordable Care Act requirements.

As we celebrate these tremendous advocacy achievements, I am truly proud of all the NADP volunteers, staff and lobbyists who have contributed their time and talents. I am also proud to be a member of an organization that has the respect, knowledge, reputation and connections to achieve so much for our members. These recent developments underscore the value of our organization and our membership.

As we face the many additional industry challenges before us, I am thankful we have an organization like NADP to lead us. As your NADP Board Chair, I’m interested in your thoughts about our association. Should you have any comments or concerns about the NADP, please contact me at



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