Two unprecedented provider relief bills have been introduced in the state of California this legislative session.

Senate Bill 242, introduced on Jan. 22, is strongly opposed by the California Association of Dental Plans (CADP). CADP sent a letter to the sponsor stating that the overreaching measure, which mandates dental plans pay providers for a plethora of undefined “business expenses” related to patient treatment and protecting healthcare workers, jeopardizes dental coverage for millions of Californians and ignores the financial assistance carriers have already provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. A hearing on SB 242 is scheduled for March 10.  

On Feb.8, Assembly Bill 454 was introduced. The bill mandates that insurers issue “health care provider emergency payments” in the form of direct payments, grants, no-interest loans, rate increases, and non-monetary support such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and infection control supplies during, and for at least 60 days after, the declaration of a declared emergency. CADP and other industry trades are opposed to the mandate and have raised various constitutional questions related to the bill.

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