Plans are well underway for the publication and distribution of CDT 2021. The 2021 Change Document,
an exclusive NADP benefit, is now ready for NADP members. The Change
Document highlights the current Code revisions including 26 new Codes,
29 revised and 4 deleted. Following is the process NADP will follow for
CDT 2021 License Renewals:

  1. The American Dental Association will provide the CDT 2021 license rates in the spring.
  2. Meanwhile
    NADP will collect 12/31/2019 enrollment from members who did not provide
    this information during renewals or directory updates. Enrollment
    information is used to create the CDT invoice for the annual license
    fees, due by July 1.
  3. Upon receipt of rates and enrollment information, NADP will distribute the CDT License Invoice, due July 1, to member licensees.
  4. Upon payment of the invoice, NADP will distribute the ASCII file of the new CDT 2021 Codes.
  5. NADP remits funds to ADA along with a report listing licensees and amounts paid.

For more information contact Director of Membership & Communications Rene Chapin.

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