Gabryl Award Winners

Fred Horowitz, DMD
Affiliated Network Services, Inc.

Volunteer Service:

  • NADP Board of Directors
  • Public relations Commission
  • Foundation

1998 Professional Biography

Dr. Horowitz is currently President and Managing Member of Affiliated Network Services, a research and development firm in the managed dental HMO/PPO industry. He has been actively involved in the industry since 1984 and has served as CEO of TDC/The Dental Concern, Vice President of Dental Products for Empl9oyers Health Insurance Co. and Executive Vice President of Dental Benefit Providers, Inc.

Dr. Horowitz has been involved in NADP since 1989.  He has served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Public Relations Commission, Chair of the Nominating Committee, Chair of the Budget committee and Treasurer of the Association. Currently e is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NADP Foundation. His most recent contribution to the industry has been the direction of the NADP Foundation.  However, in his previous roles with NADP, he developed critical relationships with key editors of trade press to assure coverage of NADP activities.  As well, he has cultivated on-going dialogue with critical members of Congress, including Rep. Danny Hastert. He was also instrumental in implementing previous to NADP’s budgeting process that facilitated direct linkage of Commission activities to the budget process. These relationships still serve the industry today.