Don Mayes Leadership Award

2012 Recipients
Dr. Paul Chaitkin, First Commonwealth

Dr. Doyle Williams, DentaQuest

Drs. Chaitkin and Williams were recognized for dedication in steering NADP’s course as influential participants in the CDT Code revision process for nearly a decade.

In 2002, several factors forced changes to the mechanisms and membership of the maintenance process for the CDT codes.  NADP seized the moment and began an aggressive, successful, campaign to gain a voting seat on the American Dental Association ‘s code maintenance committee. Drs. Chaitkin and Williams were at the forefront of this effort and have headed NADP efforts related to the CDT since.  As a result of their efforts, NADP is seen as both a leader and partner in this process.

When first joining the ADA CDT Committee, NADP had to develop a volunteer group and process to insure consensus review by the widest representation of our own membership.  Starting in 2003, Doyle and Paul led the CDT volunteer group through uncharted territory in establishing policies and procedures, methods of operation, shepherding volunteers to consensus positions and being the literal face and voice of NADP during ADA code committee meetings.  Their leadership set the bar for continued collaborative work with the ADA and other payor groups.  NADP has been a key contributor to every code set since CDT-2005 and continues to be active and engaged today in the new CAC process.

Drs. Williams and Chaitkin were tireless in their devotion; attending numerous meetings at the ADA (usually over weekends and several times during Doyle’s wedding anniversary); leading countless conference calls; writing up and researching code changes; and assisting NADP staff in understanding clinical aspects of the CDT codes.

In 2010, Paul moved over to lead the NADP Clinical volunteer group (part of the Professional Relations Council) and retired from our industry earlier this year.  Doyle continues to lead the CDT workgroup today.

For almost a decade, through numerous changes in process and participants, through tense negotiations and arbitration, through endless hours of committee work, Doyle and Paul epitomized détente and compromise while keeping the needs of the dental benefits industry foremost.