The Dental Plan Industry Voice

As the industry voice and representative for dental benefits plans, NADP advocates for the industry's best interests when working with policymakers and a variety of key stakeholders via our core services of federal legislative and regulatory affairs and state-level advocacy to advancing public policies that support access to quality, affordable dental care.   


Dental Plans’ Response to the Pandemic

To provide economic assistance to dentists, support the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) and meet CDC requirements, carriers have implemented advance claims payment programs, provider relief and recovery funds, temporary PPE courtesy payments per patient visit, or increased reimbursement for certain procedures. [more]

Federal Advocacy

NADP works to advance the dental benefits industry and improve oral care for all. One of the primary ways we achieve this is by advocating on behalf of dental plans at the top levels of government as policies are conceived, debated, and implemented. NADP lobbies Congress and executive agencies, and by offering information and tools that empower dental carriers to share their perspective and expertise directly with policymakers. [more]

State Affairs

NADP’s State Government Relations program tracks trends in insurance regulation and oral health legislation in the states. Thousands of related bills have been introduced in state legislatures. Each session, NADP staff provide members with an overview of the issues and legislation enacted by state. The sources for legislative updates include Statescape Tracking Service (“LOTS”) and updates from member plans operating in all states. [more]

Advocacy In Action

In this election year, healthcare has consistently ranked as one of the most important political issues for many Americans. As lawmakers continue to discuss the possibility of enacting reforms to our health care system, there has never been a more important time to showcase the value of the dental benefits industry.  Learn to influence and help policymakers take appropriate action on oral health. [more]

Advocacy Resources [members' only]

NADP is committed to providing members with the critical, quality resources necessary to actively participate in insurance regulation and health care reform discussions at the state and federal levels. [more]

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