The Dental Plan Industry Voice

As the industry voice and representative for dental benefits plans, NADP advocates for the industry's best interests when working with policymakers and a variety of key stakeholders via our core services of Government Relations, including our Health Care Reform Initiatives and Industry Representation.

Government Relations (GR)

NADP tracks state and federal legislation that directly impacts the dental benefits industry, and provides education for state and national policymakers.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Implementation Issues

As a key contributor during discussions regarding implementation of the Affordable Care Act, NADP has promoted the importance of dental benefits. If you would like information on NADP's legislative and advocacy efforts, please contact the Director of Government Relations: Eme Augustini.

Industry Representation

Through NADP, dental plans have a voice and a vote on vital  industry committees ranging from statutorily mandated standards organizations to development of quality measures for dentistry:

If you would like information on these activities, please contact NADP Deputy Executive Director Timothy L. Brown.

Timely updates related to Advocacy can be viewed by Members Only in the various forums of Dental Interact (DI).

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