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Connecting with industry colleagues has long been cited as a valued aspect of NADP membership.  Member Interest Groups (MIGs) offer a new, targeted level of networking designed to enhance your membership.

What is a MIG?

A MIG is as any group of Association members with a shared interest in a specific subject matter, professional area or dental benefits product.

How are MIGs recognized?

To operate within NADP, a group of members who want to pursue a common interest shall apply to the NADP Membership WorkGroup for recognition as a MIG.

What are the requirements for recognition as a MIG?

MIGs and their activities must be open to participation of all NADP members that meet the requirements for participation, have purposes and activities that are consistent with NADP’s Strategic Plan and obtain approval to operate from the Membership Workgroup.

MIGs must maintain a volunteer member leader identified as the MIG Coordinator.  The name and contact information for the MIG Coordinator shall be supplied to the NADP Director of Membership upon selection.

What is the procedure for recognition?

To gain recognition as a MIG, a group must submit a petition to the Membership Workgroup requesting recognition. Such petition must be signed by at least six (6) NADP members from one or more of the following member categories:  Dental Plans, Associate or Supporting Organizations.  The individual signing the petition shall be listed with title, company, and e-mail address. The petition shall include:

  1. The area of common member interest and reasons for establishment of a MIG;
  2. The proposed name for the MIG;
  3. Description of anticipated membership and any requirements for participation in the MIG;
  4. Proposed activities of the MIG

Who will serve as the MIG liaison?

Upon approval of the Membership Workgroup, recognized MIGs may designate individuals to serve as liaisons to specific association program/leadership groups.  NADP may, from time to time, reach out to the MIG to provide expert input to other NADP programs or service

What kind of association support and funding will MIGs receive?

  • Dental Interact Community: NADP will set up a Dental Interact (DI) community (discussion group) for each recognized MIG.  The community can be limited to those who affiliate with the MIG or open to all NADP members as indicated in the initial petition of the MIG for recognition.  NADP staff will have access to the DI community, but will not staff or monitor the MIG community.  Initiating and responding to discussions is the responsibility of the MIG Coordinator and MIG community participants. 
  • Communication: NADP will announce the formation of the MIG and periodically publish relevant material submitted by the MIG in NADP newsletters. 
  • Participants: The NADP Membership Director will confirm that any individual affiliated with an NADP member requesting to participate in the MIG e-Community meets the criteria approved in the MIG petition.  Those member representatives meeting the criteria will be added to the MIG Community and announced to the MIG participants.
  • Meeting Space: NADP will also provide, on request, meeting space for recognized MIGs at its annual conference, CONVERGE. 
  • Funding:  Other than this in-kind support, there is no specific funding for MIG activities in the NADP annual budget. Member Interest Groups will rely on their own resources and the operational support provided by NADP to carry out MIG activities.
  • Anti-Trust Statement: MIGs will recognize and follow the NADP Anti-Trust Statement guidelines during their discussion.

What are the guidelines regarding representation, trademark and branding?

MIGs may represent themselves as NADP membership entities, propose publications, encourage their members to submit articles for NADP publications, and use other information dissemination means following established NADP guidelines. MIG materials distributed within and beyond the MIG membership bearing NADP’s name, acronym or logo are subject to NADP style guidelines and copyright restrictions.

What is the Summaries of Activities?

An annual report of activities shall be provided by each recognized MIG on the schedule required of NADP volunteer groups prior to CONVERGE.  These annual reports will be provided to all members as part of the supporting documentation distributed at the Business Meeting. 

Can MIGS propose webinars and conference sessions?

A MIG may propose webinars or conference sessions at NADP CONVERGE in accordance with the general conference call for proposals.  Webinar or conference sessions will be evaluated with other proposals according to the guidelines and deadlines set by the Education Commission.

May MIGS Hold Meetings at the CONVERGE?

NADP encourages all MIGs to take advantage of the gathering of the dental benefits industry at CONVERGE. MIG business activities, project development, promotion of goals and objectives, selection of coordinators, and membership recruitment are all more effectively accomplished face-to-face. 

NADP will secure meeting rooms for recognized MIGs who wish to meet at CONVERGE and list the MIG meeting in the official conference agenda and indicate whether participation in the meeting is open or “by invitation only.” 

Each MIG must be prepared to perform all other organizational and logistical tasks related to its conference activities.  NADP will notify all MIGs of the process to request meeting space/time at CONVERGE.

Once approved, the Membership Workgroup will review MIG annual reports and take action regarding the continuation of each MIG as provided herein.  A MIG may be reviewed more frequently than outlined here if there is a complaint or concern expressed about the MIG’s operation.

What are the review requirements?

  1. The MIG’s annual report is due to NADP Director of Membership on the same schedule as NADP volunteer groups.   Failure to submit the report could result in the disbandment of the MIG.
  2.  A formal review of the interest and need for the MIG is required at the 3rd year following formation of the MIG and every (3) three years thereafter.  Included in this review will be the evaluation of the MIG annual reports since the previous review, and NADP’s records showing the NADP members participating in the MIG.
  3. MIG reviews will assure the MIG is
  1. operating in a manner consistent with NADP’s current strategic plan,
  2. allowing all qualified members to participate in MIG activities,
  3. conforming to all the elements of the initial petition and
  4. meeting a continued common interest of the members.

Interested in starting a MIG, submit a petition to the Membership WorkGroup via an email to NADP Membership Director Rene Chapin.

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