Advocacy in
Action (AIA), the NADP Congressional fly-in, is the association’s most
powerful and effective federal advocacy initiative. AIA 2019 was a
tremendous success, as attendance had more than doubled when compared to
previous events held since 2016. Judging by the response to the
numerous face-to-face meetings, our impact in Washington, D.C. also
increased dramatically. Elected officials:

  • Remembered NADP and our member representatives
  • Were familiar with our issues
  • Demonstrated an increased understanding of dental benefits
  • Understood dental is different than medical
  • Recognized NADP as the voice of our industry

Officials also
expressed resounding appreciation in our meetings for NADP coming to
the table early to discuss adding dental to Medicare. They didn’t have
all the answers but raised good questions about issues to be
investigated and hurdles to delivering dental services under public

AIA 2020 is June 23-24 in Washington, D.C. For more info, please visit

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