August 2015


2016 Dental Plan Dues Set

For 2016, the Board has recently adopted a 2% increase for the Base, Mid-Range and CAP dues level, in line with overall inflation. Because MEGA-CAP dues increased more than 20% last year, their rate will not increase in 2016. Meanwhile the Board is tasking the Budget Committee and Membership WorkGroup to review the structure for 2017.

The 2016 dues structure is built on our historic weighting of enrollment as follows by type of dental benefits product as follows:

  • Fully Insured Dental Indemnity & DPPO (including EPO) = 1.0
  • DHMO (Both Fully Insured and Self-Funded) = 0.7
  • ASO (DPPO, Indemnity & other non DHMO dental benefit arrangements) = 0.3
  • Discount Dental Plans (sometimes called “Savings” plans) = 0.3
  • Dental Medicaid & Medicare (Both Fully Insured and Government Funded) = 0.3

Four categories of dues are maintained, i.e. Base, Mid-Range, Cap and MegaCap. The rates and estimated weighted enrollment ranges for these categories for 2016 dues are:


$4,335, minimum under 94K weighted members


.046 per enrollee up to 1.153M weighted enrollees or regular cap of $53,040


$53,040 from 1.153M weighted enrollees to 5.893M weighted enrollees


$65,000 from 5.893M weighted enrollees, .009 per weighted enrollee until MegaCap of $65000 (over 7.2M weighted enrollees)


  1. For Base members, this rate represents an $85 increase over 2014.
  2. For MidLevel members, the per-enrollee rate increases from 0.045 to 0.046
  3. For CAP members, this rate is a $1,040 increase over 2014

In addition, NADP will continue to offer a 2% dues discount on early renewals received by Dec. 31. Thus, this is an opportunity to offset the 2% increase in dues. Yesterday, member delegates received a 2016 estimate calculated with the enrollment reported for 2014 dues. Questions should be directed to Executive Director Evelyn F. Ireland, CAE, or Director of Membership Rene Chapin.



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