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DALLAS, TX, Nov. 9, 2022 — The National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) is disappointed in the outcome of the election in Massachusetts passing Question 2, which would introduce an 83% loss ratio requirement on dental plans in the state.  NADP believes the 85% of Bay Staters with dental benefits and those seeking coverage may experience unexpected consequences such as increased premiums and decreased dental plan options.

Since the  initiative was first introduced last spring, NADP has actively represented the dental benefits industry and the enrollees they serve by providing logistical support, staff time, policy expertise, legislative advocacy, research reports, and  education on dental benefits and MLR to the Committee to Protect Access to Quality Dental Care  and the media.

Furthermore, the Milliman Report, commissioned by NADP, illustrates many dental plans could face losses in order to comply with the requirements of Question 2, forcing them to substantially change the dental plans Massachusetts citizens rely on. In addition, the Milliman report states some carriers may respond to the MLR by exiting the market.

In contrast, for the past several years, the dental benefits market has experienced a persistent trend of very low premiums. Over this same period, numerous research studies, as seen on, indicate the importance of oral health in maintaining overall health.

Medical Loss Ratio—which sets a percentage threshold for how much an insurer must pay out to providers in claims—is common in medical insurance. The practice does not crossover easily into dental insurance because dental plans are only a small fraction of the cost of medical insurance and have substantially different plan designs. Applying Medical Loss Ratio to dental plans will disincentivize dental plans from negotiating lower rates with dentists on behalf of Massachusetts citizens, which will lead to new costs for Massachusetts citizens.

The mission of NADP is to improve consumer access to affordable, quality dental care through advocacy, research, and the promotion of dental benefits. NADP will continue working with policymakers and stakeholders in Massachusetts and across the country to protect dental care access and preserve affordable dental coverage.

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