NADP is requesting data for the annual Network Statistics survey. Your participation in this research effort makes it possible for NADP to provide reliable and comprehensive data about the dental benefits industry.

NADP is requesting the following information about each provider participating in any network your company directly manages as of December 31, 2015. (Please include data from provider networks that are managed by a 3rd party credentialing service.

Delta plans


: Please only provide information on non-Delta Dental networks, as DDPA is providing data on your Delta networks):

  • First Name
  • Middle Name or Initial
  • Last Name
  • Generation (e.g. Jr., Sr., III, IV, etc.)
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP
  • Phone Number
  • Dental License #
  • State of Licensure
  • Specialty provider? Please provide the specialty. Only include one specialty per record. If multiple specialties, please provide a separate record for each specialty. Use the following code for each specialty:
    • Endodontist – ED
    • General Dentist – GD
    • Oral Surgery – OS
    • Orthodontist – OD
    • Pediatric Dentist – PD
    • Periodontist – PE
    • Prosthodontist – PR
    • Any other specialty - ZZ
  • NPI (National Provider Indentifier)
  • Tax ID Number (TIN)

DHMO Network (Y/N)

DPPO Network (Y/N)

Discount Network (Y/N)

If a provider is listed in multiple locations, please provide each location as a single record. Data should be sent in a comma delimited ASCII file, MS Access database file, or MS Excel file. Please remove all punctuation marks from the name, except hyphenated last names.

As with all NADP statistical reports, no company specific data is included in NADP reports. Because of the sensitivity of the information requested, NADP will take the following steps to ensure the anonymity and security of the information provided:

Upon receipt of each plan’s data file, all data will be stripped of any information identifying the source of the data file. No specific provider data will be associated with any specific company.

All data submitted to NADP will be stored in a secure manner, with password protected access limited to only those NADP staff and/or data processing vendors required to conduct the analysis of the data.

No data will be reported about an individual company or an individual provider. ALL reporting will be done in an aggregate format.

Currently, we anticipate the final report will be limited to:

  • the number of individual dentists and dental specialists by geographic area and by product type
  • an estimate of the percentage of dentists in the United States, and individual states, that participate on provider networks,
  • the rate of turnover of dentists participating on dental networks both nationally and by geographic area
  • and possibly a demographic profile of dentists participating on dental networks.

The deadline for participating in this study is May 6, 2016. Please submit your data file to Jerry Berggren, Director of Research via email:


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