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Article Series for Brokers

NADP Introduces Dental Intelligence, an Article Series for Brokers 

Questions abound about the implementation of federal health care reform. While most stakeholders involved in the process focus primarily on medical coverage, NADP is shining the light on dental benefits with its launch of a new article series, “Dental Intelligence." [read more]

Industry Glossary

This glossary includes definitions of both insurance and dentistry terms. Refer to this glossary when receiving claims, explanation of benefits or considering purchase of dental plans. [download]

Why You Should Purchase Dental Benefits

A few years ago a friend of mine cracked a tooth on a popcorn kernel and had to get her tooth repaired. What she didn't realize, though, was that the tooth she cracked was already badly decayed and needed to be pulled. It was, as her dentist told her, “beyond repair." She was mortified, not just because she was losing a tooth, but because the tooth she was losing would create a gap in her teeth that could be seen when she smiled. She became self-conscious.

After discussing all options with her dentist, my friend decided to get a dental implant. She had the procedure and was very pleased with the outcome. What she wasn't pleased with was the cost. When it was all said and done, my friend owed just over $5,000 in dental expenses—which she had to pay out of her own pocket because she didn't have dental benefits. In fact, my friend later admitted to me that she hadn't seen a dentist in years because she had no insurance and dental care was too expensive. (By the way, the $5,000 was just the beginning. The exam and x-rays showed that she needed quite a bit more work.) [read more]

Healthcare Reform

NADP applauds the importance placed on oral health as part of health care reform. NADP values oral health and the role of the dental benefits industry in improving access to affordable, quality dental care. Thus, we are working to assure that Americans with dental benefits can keep that coverage. We look forward to working with federal policymakers in developing solutions for the dentally uninsured without harm to those that are insured today. [read more]

NADP On the Move

As the representative and recognized voice of the dental benefits industry, NADP continues to advance your positions among key stakeholders and the media. NADP on the Move is highlights of key meetings, interviews, articles and press releases which advanced the dental benefits industry on a monthly basis.

[read more]