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Santéch to Launch Transformative Dental Re-credentialing Solution at NADP

Aug 24, 2015

Payors – and providers -- may now completely automate the re-credentialing process eliminating paper, shipping and repeated follow-up.  Reduces drop out.

Iselin, NJ  Some refer to it as “disruptive technology”.  Xerox changed the printing industry.  Uber did it to local transportation.  Now Santech is doing it to Dental insurance – except there are no losers in the disruption. 

Santech’s “disruption” has been years in the making through the deployment of their award - winning provider management solutions, I-Enroll (for DSOs, Group Practices and Solo Practitioners), and I-Network (for Payors and Networks). These solutions are now ready to unleash the power of their interconnectivity on the process of re-credentialing.

Over the past six years, Santech’s I-Enroll has become the industry standard for dental businesses to manage provider data and credentialing.  I-Enroll consolidates all of the data required for credentialing into a digital “bank” and makes it simple to automatically fill out and submit enrollment forms for insurance companies.

Now with this new release, payors, who have implemented I-Network, can reach out to any practice using I-Enroll to send out a re-credentialing application electronically --  right to the practice administrator’s desktop -- making sure the application reaches the right person and comes back fully completed and on time.  Payors who do not have an I-Network license can still use this solution by obtaining a free license of the I-Network data collection module. 


Santech’s new interconnectivity platform ensures that all practices receive the correct format of the payor’s application. The system also guides practice staff as to ensure an application is complete.  This eliminates payor’s staff having to deal with incomplete forms, missing documents, and wrong NPIs or addresses.

But, what about those practices who have not yet established an I-Enroll account?  Santech now allows payors to offer their providers a no-cost option to use I-Enroll to submit re-credentialing applications online.

No paper work.  No phone calls.  No follow-up.  No stress.  The process is completed in literally a matter of a few minutes. 


The best part of Santech’s new offering is that payors have nothing to lose.  If a request and a couple of reminders do not trigger an electronic response from a provider, a payor’s legacy paper process can still be used.  Payors are only charged for applications that are submitted online – a charge that is a fraction of the cost of printing, mailing and performing numerous follow-ups. Payors can try the solution at no cost before resorting to the traditional paper applications for re-credentialing.   

The advantage – and it is Santech’s business strategy – is that providers who use Santech’s I-Enroll solution will find this re-cred process to be a convenient and a significant time saver.  It also allows providers to continue to use the information and documents they’ve stored in I-Enroll for other ongoing needs.

Payors, on the other hand, will realize numerous benefits tied to significant reductions in the number of applications that are returned with information that is invalid or missing (e.g. incorrect NPI numbers, addresses, copies of licenses).  Their Providers now have a more efficient and user- friendly means for submitting their applications.  The number of applications that are not returned will be significantly reduced to help reduce network attrition rates. Payors finally have a way to influence the completeness and correctness of re-credentialing applications right from the practice administrator’s desktop. 

The ability to reduce costs is also a major consideration.  Distribution of paper documents, often by express carriers is a significant expense that is entirely eliminated by moving the process online.

The platform also seamlessly integrates to e-signature platforms like RightSignature® (a Citrix company). Re-credentialing applications can now come back from providers complete with valid signatures. 

 “Santéch is en route to becoming the default choice for a seamlessly integrated and greatly simplified credentialing process,” says Neeraj K. Sharma, CEO of Santéch.  “We have made significant investments to demonstrate the dramatic simplicity of the re-credentialing process and are encouraging payors to give it a no-risk test run.”

“Our solution can save a payor’s office staff  significant time and effort in dealing with re-credentialing applications by dramatically cutting down on errors, delays and drop outs caused by missing information or documents,” says Sharma.  “Reduction in attrition and operational costs are additional benefits.”

Payors interested in trying I-Network without investment or risk, may contact Bert Fajardo at Santech at 732-658-0072 Ext. 303 or



Santéch offers innovative web-based solutions and services that allow payors, practices, hospitals, providers and networks to dramatically transform their Provider and Network management capabilities by consolidating and distributing credentialing data efficiently.  Built for scalability and high performance, Santéch enterprise-caliber solutions are designed to meet the needs of small, midsize and large organizations.  WWW.MYSANTECH.COM


Roger McManus
Marketing Communications

732-658-0072 Ext. 306

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