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Health Care Excel Enhances Service Offering through Dental Claims Review

Jun 11, 2015

Plainfield, Indiana – May 13, 2015 – Health Care Excel announces the enhancement of current review services to include dental review services.

Health Care Excel’s Dental Review Service is designed to help manage dental care costs, improve quality of care, and assure that services are necessary and appropriate. Our mission is to control dental fraud and errors and recover lost dollars.

Our proven process delivers results that allow our clients to:

1. Recoup money lost in fraudulent or wasteful treatment.

2. Improve provider retention in your network through education.

3. Education provider offices on correct billing procedures.

4. Monitor continually identified outliers.

Health Care Excel selects highly trained and experienced Dental Hygienists and Dentists to conduct our dental reviews. We use our proven successful medical model for all dental reviews and investigations. Utilizing Dental Hygienists in the same capacity as Registered Nurses allow for less dentist time needed and results in significant savings as well as increased objectivity.


About Health Care Excel

Health Care Excel provides clinical consulting, revenue optimization, and quality improvement services. The combination of leading-edge data services and human expertise has positioned Health Care Excel as a strategic partner in the transformational change of the quality and integrity of healthcare systems. Health Care Excel serves private-sector clients and state and federal governments, delivering measurable results. Visit for more information.


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