Are dental plans accredited? Is there any method of licensing or registration?

NADP member companies are licensed where appropriate in their states of operation and do support a consumer access and rights policy. There is no type of accreditation service or seal of approval for all functions of companies that offer dental benefits. Some dental plans have received separate certifications of their dental clinics, provider credentialing, claims processing or utilization review process.  

Separate from NADP, there is also an affiliation of Delta Dental Plans, i.e. DDPA—their website and that of NADP provide the names of companies that are most active in the dental benefits arena. NADP members write over 90% of the market; DDPA’s members write about 26% of the market—together our associations represent virtually all of the market.

Also check with state insurance or health regulatory authorities to make certain that the dental company you are considering is licensed if the company provides a dental HMO, dental PPO or dental Indemnity plan. Discount dental plans are not licensed in most states as they are not insurance products although an increasing number of states are requiring licensure or regulation. Regulatory authorities also track complaints and most of their published summaries show dental products in the lowest ranges of consumer complaints.

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