What are typical dental procedures and what do they cost?

Dental procedures are billed under procedure codes established by the American Dental Association. The 50 most commonly used codes encompass 95% of all procedures submitted to insurance carriers each year. These 50 codes can be grouped into the following types of procedures:

  1. Oral Examinations (4)
  2. X-rays (6)
  3. Tooth cleanings (2)
  4. Application of Fluoride (3)
  5. Sealants (usually limited to children) (1)
  6. Fillings either Amalgam /silver (3) or Composite/white (8)
  7. Crowns (7)
  8. Root Canals (3)
  9. Treatments for gum disease (5)
  10. Extractions (4)
  11. Emergency relief of pain (1)
  12. Anesthesia (2) and
  13. Consultations

NADP does not collect information on dental fees. The ADA publishes a survey of dentist fees which is available from their website:  Survey of Dental Fees 2016. The data in this survey is in broad geographic areas. More specific, up-to-date information is available to consumers for particular procedures by zip code area from FAIR Health’s Dental Cost Lookup.


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