Dental Plan (Full Voting) Members 

Dental Plan Members (referred to as Full Voting Members) must be in good standing with the appropriate regulatory authority in its state/s of operation. Members are companies providing or administering dental benefits on a fully insured or self insured basis through one or more of the following products. 


Dental HMO products provide comprehensive dental benefits to a defined population of enrollees and pay for general dentistry services from a contracted network of dentists primarily under capitation agreements. This term includes point-of-service dental HMOs that provide an enrollee the opportunity to opt-out of the HMO provider network at the point-of-service and obtain dental services on a fee-for-service basis.

Dental PPO products have two key characteristics. First, dental plans enter into contracts with providers for the expressed purpose of obtaining a discount from overall fees. Discounts may be negotiated on a provicer practice basis or thorugh use of a schedule of fees. Second, enrollees receive value from these discounts when using contracted providers. Dental PPO products do not include participating provider agreements based on a fee-for-service where the provider and plan do not intend to reduce fees.

Discount Dental (Referral) Plans are products in which a panel of dentists agrees to perform services for enrollees at a specified discounted price, or discount their usual charge. No payment is made under the discount plan to the dentists; dentists are paid the negotiated fee directly by the enrollee. This product procvides access but the organization providing access to the dental plan does not assume underwriting risk.

Dental Indemnity products are dental benefit plans where providers are reimbursed on a fee-for-service basis and there are no discounted provider contract arrangements whereby the provider agrees to accept a fee below their customary fee.

Membership Dues
Annual membership dues range from a Base of $3,080 to a Mega Cap of $41,025. Membership runs from January - December and dues are prorated according to the month joined.
Dues are based on weighted enrollment (employee + dependents) for Indemnity, DPPO, DHMO, ASO, Discount and Medicaid/Medicare. Product weights are:
Indemnity and DPPO- 1
DHMO - .7
Discount, ASO, Medicaid/Medicare - .3
Health Care Reform (HCR) Contributions
At their meeting in May, the Board of Directors discussed the  on-going need for Congressional and regulatory efforts the federal level. Therefore the Board decided on an HCR contribution rate for all members in 2011:
HCR Contribtuion Rates
Base Members: $800
Mid-Range: 26% of dues calculated not to exceed $7,000
CAP & MEGA CAP: $7,000

For a dues estimate and application, contact Director of Membership Rene Chapin.

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