Shared Research

NADP is excited to announce its shared primary research project for 2012. In an effort to continue to provide value to our members, NADP will coordinate a national survey of consumers about their attitudes, expectations, and perceptions related to dental benefits, dental health, and the effects of health care reform on their medical and dental benefits.


A similar study was conducted by NADP in 2007. Our intention is to update the findings related to dental benefits and dental health from that study.

With this being an election year and with arguments challenging the constitutionality of the health care reform legislation before the Supreme Court of the United States, we have a unique opportunity to assess consumer sentiment prior to and after the Supreme Court releases its decision this summer. As such the program design and timeline reflect an optional round of surveys to identify the impact of coverage of health care related issues with respect to dental benefits.

As part of the NADP’s mission to provide value to our membership and the dental benefits industry, we are issuing this call for sponsors of a primary research study addressing consumer attitudes, expectations, and perceptions related to dental benefits, dental health, and the effects of health care reform on their medical and dental benefits.


The objectives of this study are as follows:
  • Identify common attitudes, expectations and perceptions associated with dental coverage and dental health.
  • Provide a benchmark of consumer satisfaction with their dental plan.
  • Identify consumer expectations, perceptions and concerns about the impact of health care reform on their dental and medical benefits.
  • Additional objectives may be developed by the sponsor companies.


  • Geographically disperse with adequate representation for statistical analysis in each of the nine Census Bureau regions, approximately 3,000 respondents.
  • Adequate representation of various group sizes for statistical analysis.
  • Adequate representation of company types for statistical analysis.

Program Design

  • This research will be wholly funded by participating sponsors. Each sponsor will contribute an equal share of the cost of the study, currently estimated at $3,500.
  • Non-members will be invited to sponsor, but will be subject to a 20% surcharge.
  • Each sponsor will receive a final report and data file of the aggregate data by June 2012.
  • The final report will be made available for purchase to the general public on or after September 10, 2012. The member price for the report will be at least $3,500.
  • Should sufficient budget be available, this study could include a second wave of surveys to assess consumer sentiment toward health care reform in the fall. The timing of a second wave would be impacted by the SCOTUS decision and presidential election.

Proposed Timeline

Feb. 2012: Solicit sponsors.

Feb. - Mar. 2012: Selection of research vendor, final study design, survey design.

Mar. - Apr. 2012: Finalize survey design, field first round of survey

May - June 2012: Release first round of results to study sponsors.

August 2012: Begin the second wave of interviewing

Sept 2012: Make report available for purchase by non-sponsors

October 2012: Release data from second round of interviewing to sponsors

December 2012: Make results of second round available for purchase


Dental plans funding this study will receive the following benefits:
  • Editorial participation on final content of the survey and report
  • Access to data files
  • Access to a final report months before the report is available to NADP members or the general public.

For more information about this research project and how to participate, please contact Jerry Berggren, Director of Research and Information at 972-458-6998 x113 or by email to no later than February 29,2012.