Industry Representation

Through NADP members have a voice and a vote on vital  industry committees ranging from statutorily mandated standards to development of quality measures for dentistry:

  • American National Standards Institute (X12) – responsible for the development and maintenance of electronic transactions; i.e. eligibility, claims, enrollment and payment.
  • Code Maintenance Committee (CMC) -responsible for modification and maintenance of Current Dental Terminology.
  • Dental Caucus (Caucus) – dental industry focused committee related to X12 with NADP holding a co-chair position.
  • Dental Claim Form Advisory Committee (DeCFAC) – responsible for reviewing and suggesting changes to the American Dental Association Dental Claim Form
  • Dental Content Committee (DeCC) – responsible for review of changes to electronic data interchange (EDI) standards under HIPAA.
  • Dental Quality Alliance (DQA) – responsible for development and implementation of dental specific quality measures.
  • Health Level 7 (HL7) – responsible for development and maintenance of attachments for electronic transactions.
  • Standards Committee on Dental Informatics (SCDI) – responsible for the development of model policies relating to HIPAA standards and EDI.
  • Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) – responsible for development of strategic plans for implementation of new and updated electronic transaction standards.

If you would like information on these activities, please contact NADP Deputy Executive Director Timothy L. Brown.