Volunteer Groups

NADP volunteers contribute to the success and growth of the association and industry through service on the following groups:

Communications Committee advances NADP’s mission by providing advice and guidance for strategic member and external communications activities. Staff Liaison:  Rene Chapin (Lead), Lauren Oakley

Education Commission advances NADP’s mission by providing integrated educational forums, programs, and services, which deliver value to stakeholders of the dental benefits industry. Staff Liaisons:  Evelyn F. Ireland, CAE and Jeremy May

Exchange Operations WorkGroup allows NADP members to discuss dental operational and technical issues specific to state and federal Marketplaces (Exchanges). Staff Liaison: Brian Flynn

FAIR Health WorkGroup serves as a communications channel and resource for FAIR Health staff in the development of utilization products.  Staff Liaison: Evelyn F. Ireland, CAE

Government Relations Commission (GRC) influences and improves the legislative and regulatory environment to protect and promote the dental benefits industry and consumer access to affordable quality dental care. Staff Liaisons:  Eme Augustini (lead), Kris Hathaway

Health Care Reform Task Force (HCR TF) develops positions on elements of reform proposals (subject to Board approval), responds to the impacts of federal health reform proposals as they develop and provides appropriate direction on use of member company lobbyists or hiring of NADP lobbyists. Staff Liaisons:  Kris Hathaway and Evelyn F. Ireland, CAE

Membership Committee is accountable for increasing and retaining NADP members. Staff Liaison:  Rene Chapin

Research Commission supports NADP’s mission by gathering data and information to generate and disseminate industry knowledge.  Staff Liaison:  Jerry Berggren

State Exchange Task Force spearheads member engagement on the development of State Exchanges, including analysis and potential responses to state Exchange issues and related federal issues. It also coordinates with the Exchange Operations Workgroup to focus on technical and operational issues related to dental in Exchanges.  Staff Liaisons:  Eme Augustini and Kris Hathaway

Standards and Transaction Initiative (STI)

The STI Workgroups provide united industry perspective, leadership and direction on critical dental issues affecting the growth and advancement of the industry. STI Workgroups include:

Codes WorkGroup coordinates concepts and terminology between procedure codes (CDT), diagnosis codes (SNODENT) and EHR reporting (ICD); develop, reviews and comments on proposed changes to procedure, diagnosis and reporting code sets; provides support for NADP voting seats on ADA Code Maintenance Committee (CMC) and International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO) Dental Special Interest Group (Dental SIG), Staff Liaison: Timothy L. Brown

Clinical WorkGroup reviews and comments on current and proposed dental quality measures; provides support for NADP voting seats on Dental Quality Alliance (DQA) and DQA Executive Committee; review and comment on proposed guidelines and standards for disease management in the dental arena from dental specialty groups and the American Dental Association (ADA); i.e. radiation, sealants, pediatric dentistry, etc.; reviews and comments on current and proposed collaborative efforts to develop quality initiatives within state and federal programs; i.e. CMS, state Medicaid, etc. Staff Liaison: Timothy L. Brown

EDI WorkGroup reviews and comments on mandated EDI transactions for claims processing, electronic funds transfer and electronic health records; develop, review and comment on changes and updates in mandated EDI transactions on behalf of the dental benefits industry; liaisons with other state and national organizations engaged in the EDI arena; provides support for NADP voting seats on Dental Content Committee (DeCC), Health Level 7 (HL7), Standards Committee on Dental Informatics (SCDI), Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) and American National Standards Institute X12 (X12) including leadership positions on WEDI Dental Workgroup and X12 Dental Caucus. Staff Liaison: Brian Flynn

Operations WorkGroup develops, reviews and comments on proposals for dental plan accreditation with accreditation organizations and federal representatives; develops, reviews  and comments on proposals for uniform credentialing within dental benefits organizations and outside vendors; serves as liaison to dental service organizations (DSOs) and the Dental Group Practice Association (DGPA) on initiatives of interest to both including credentialing, on-boarding and data sharing. Staff Liaison: Brian Flynn